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Technical Work Experience

Tapestry Solutions

Part-Time Software Engineer
June 2014 - Present

  • Adobe Flex GUI development for planning and logistics software used by the government
  • Refactor and improve existing code base while fixing bugs and implementing new features


Software Engineering Intern
June - September 2013

  • Ported printer network card testing software from Unix C environment to C++ in Windows
  • Communicated with international teams to determine needs and resolve technical questions
  • Managed time and requirements for the project largely on my own

Amazon San Luis Obispo

Junior Software Developer
June 2012 - May 2013

  • Website maintenance and support for and
  • Helped implement new features on the websites (both back and front end) including site-wide search
  • Interacted regularly with customer support and other Amazon teams


Global Game Jam
January 2014

  • Worked with a team of five to create a scrolling shooter game using enchant.js in 48 hours
  • Wrote a large portion of the game code and helped balance gameplay and enemy movement patterns
  • 5Alive was voted favorite out of the ten games created at the Jam Site (voted on by fellow Game Jammers and friends)

Personal Picture Index

Personal Project
December 2013 - January 2014

  • Worked on my own to build a customizable picture dictionary application for Android
  • Learned to work with a variety of Android API components and GUI elements
  • Interacted with Android services and tools like text-to-speech, camera interaction, and SQLite database management

Penguin Slider

Mobile Application Development
October - December 2013

  • Worked with a small multi-disciplinary team to produce a complete puzzle game for Android in 6 weeks
  • Learned concepts and design considerations of the Android OS, and navigation of the development kit
  • Crafted game mechanics and 16 levels that teach players skills through mechanics and puzzle structure

CUDA Ray Tracer

Advanced Rendering Techniques
March - June 2013

  • Built a ray tracer in C++ using GPU parallelism concepts and NVidia's CUDA programming platform
  • Implemented shadows, reflections, refraction, anti-aliasing, and Monte Carlo path tracing


Software Engineering
January - June 2013

  • Collaborated with a team of 6 other programmers to design and build a software version of a card game called Brawl!
  • Produced a technical specification and various other documents tracking our planning and progress
  • Implemented the complete product in Java and managed version control, consistent code style, and thorough test coverage

Cogstav's Merry Adventure

Real-Time 3D Graphics
January - March 2013

  • Led a team of five designing and writing a complete 3D platforming video game in C++ using OpenGL
  • Learned the basics of several 3D graphics techniques, including texture mapping, view frustum culling, cell shading, and simple particle systems

iFixit Repair Guides

Technical Writing
January - March 2011

  • Worked in a group of five writing detailed and comprehensive repair guides for a digital camera
  • Technical writing experience (project proposal, reports and updates, memos) for local company iFixit

Epic Duel!

Intro to Computing: Interactive Entertainment
September - December 2010

  • Led a team of five in building and designing a side-scrolling flash game
  • Gained experience with ActionScript and with programming in a team


California Polytechnic State University

Computer Science Major, Music Minor
Graduation Date: December 2014

Major GPA: 3.10
Overall GPA: 3.11

Relevant Courses

Intro to Computing: Interactive Entertainment

High-level introduction to computer science through an exploration of game design. Projects completed using Flash and ActionScript.

Fundamentals of Computer Science 1, 2, 3

In-depth discussion of the basics of computer science including control structures, I/O, data types, object-oriented design, inheritance, recursion, algorithm analysis, and advanced data structures.

Introduction to Graphics

Introduction to the graphics pipeline and fundamental computer graphics topics, including lighting, shading, gemoetric transforms, an rasterization.

Real-time 3D Graphics

Project-based class built around exploring more advanced real-time graphics technologies, including bump mapping, shadow mapping, collision detection, and real-time shading and rendering.

Advanced Rendering Techniques

Project-based class exploring realistic 3D rendering techniques including ray tracing, reflection, refraction, and illumination models.

Introduction to Computer Networks

Introduction to the network architectures and commonly used protocols in various levels within these architectures.

Software Engineering 1 and 2

Principles and techniques of the real-world software development process for large projects, from design and planning to implementation, testing, and release.

Mobile Application Development

Introduction to the Android development environment and exploration of the principles and technologies involved in mobile app design and development.

Other Work Experience


Team Member
April - June 2012

  • Worked at an on-campus pizza restaurant, making pizzas, making deliveries, cleaning tables, and working register

Grade Potential Tutoring

Independent Tutor
October 2011 - June 2012

  • Worked one-on-one with calculus and precalculus students on homework and studying
  • Addressed students individual needs and discussed with parents how best to meet them