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Teslagrad Review

Teslagrad Developed by: Rain Games (Bergen, Norway) Released: December 2013 (original release, on Steam) Price: $9.99 (Steam), $14.99 (Console versions) Teslagrad is an indie puzzle-platformer developed by Norway-based Rain Games.  It takes place in a European steampunk-derivative world with a gloomy   Players control a nameless young boy, fleeing from his home when it’s stormed by .  Throughout most of the game, the boy climbs and explores an enormous tower teeming with strange machines and obstacles, discovering tools and challenges based on electricity and magnetism mechanics. The game is developed using the Unity engine, which is likely the reason a.. Read More

The Talos Principle Review

The Talos Principle is an atmospheric puzzle game with a philosophical sci-fi story.  While the game essentially consists of solving a sequence of puzzles, it seems to establish storytelling and exploration as its primary intention. Narrative preferences will definitely play a role in whether or not you enjoy this game.  To me, it was an intriguing experience with unique storytelling and very nice atmosphere.  The puzzle gameplay was reasonably satisfying and was very tightly designed, albeit a little disconnected from the game’s story and themes. The Talos Principle sets out to be two things: a story/exploration game and a puzzle.. Read More