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E3 2016 Impressions

Having just returned from E3 2016, I’ve written a few brief blurbs about the games for which I saw or played any exclusive content so I could give people an idea of what I thought. The following is a breakdown of what I played/watched/interacted with and what I thought of it.

I’ll talk about some of the hands-on demos I played (ReCore, Abzû, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Song of the Deep, Masquerada, Gravity Rush 2) as well as some videos and expo setups that I saw or found interesting.

Nova-111 Review


Developed by: Funktronic Labs
Released: August 25, 2015
Price: $14.99 (PC, PS3, PS-Vita, PS4)

Nova-111 is a quirky little action-puzzle game developed by indie studio Funktronic Labs.  Players will control a box-shaped spaceship from a side-scrolling perspective, moving up, down, left, and right on a grid in order to navigate around obstacles and defeat enemies.  The game’s controls, physics, and enemies… Read More

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (Single Player) Review

Developed by: Naughty Dog
Released:  May 10, 2016
Price: $59.99 (PS4)

A Thief’s End is the closing chapter of Naughty Dog’s beloved Uncharted franchise, a sort of Tomb-Raider-meets-Indiana-Jones action adventure series.  The series began with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, released for PS3 in 2007 (about a year after the PS3 itself was released).  It follows the story of Nathan Drake, long lost heir of Sir Francis Drake, and was lauded for its cinematic style and high quality production and presentation…. Read More

Update: Plans for future content

Hello, mostly non-existent readers!  Despite this blog not actually being promoted or having much readership, I wanted to make a quick post that explains how I plan to go about creating review content for moving forward.  For the record, anyway, and to have something to which I can hold myself. I’m planning on breaking my reviews into two separate types of article.  The first will be standard reviews, which is a format I’ll use for recent releases or for indie games that I find I have a lot to say about.  This kind of review will strive to give a.. Read More

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta Impressions

Note: I totally forgot to take screenshots while the beta was still available to me, so unfortunately I have none to post here 🙁 Last weekend, I was selected as one of the players for the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Beta.  As someone who enjoyed the original Mirror’s Edge, I was excited to give it a shot and I’m here now to share some of my impressions of it. The story of the Mirror’s Edge franchise bears a sort of spiritual resemblance to Valve’s Portal series (and I’m not the first to make this comparison).  Released in 2008, only a year.. Read More

Ratchet & Clank Review

Developed by: Insomniac Games Released:  April 12, 2016 Price: $39.99 (PS4)   Ratchet & Clank is a fully remade version of the original Ratchet & Clank game for PS2.  This reboot follows the adventure of a Lombax named Ratchet (a mechanic with big dreams) and a defective warbot named Clank.  The duo meet in a random twist of fate and find themselves travelling from planet to planet to save the galaxy from a sinister threat.  To do this, they join up with the Galactic Rangers, a group of heroes led by self-absorbed celebrity Captain Qwark. The original Ratchet & Clank, released.. Read More

Psychonauts Review

Short Form Review: For this review, I’m playing with a shorter format that will let me do more reviews.  I’ll ideally have some games that have more succinct, focused reviews and others that have the full categorical breakdown. Psychonauts Developed by: Double Fine Productions Released: April 2005 Price: $9.99 (PC, soon to re-release on PS4) For the longest time, Psychonauts was one of those perpetually “on-my-todo-list” games.  I’d always had an interest in it (I’d even played the beginning before), but I’d never taken the time to sit down and give it the time and attention it deserves. And let me tell you,.. Read More

The Witness Review

Developed by: Thekla, Inc. Released: January 2016 Price: $39.99 (PC, PS4)   Ah, The Witness: a game I just can’t quite put down.  The Witness is a puzzle and exploration game created by Jonathan Blow, the man behind the time-bending puzzle platformer Braid (which originally released on Xbox Live Arcade in 2008).  The game is mostly comprised of boatloads of maze-like puzzles in which players must determine and trace the correct path.This game is enjoyably challenging and a lot of fun to explore.  The game hinges on a simple mechanic but features a wonderful variety of puzzles, the vast majority of which.. Read More

Teslagrad Review

Teslagrad Developed by: Rain Games (Bergen, Norway) Released: December 2013 (original release, on Steam) Price: $9.99 (Steam), $14.99 (Console versions) Teslagrad is an indie puzzle-platformer developed by Norway-based Rain Games.  It takes place in a European steampunk-derivative world with a gloomy   Players control a nameless young boy, fleeing from his home when it’s stormed by .  Throughout most of the game, the boy climbs and explores an enormous tower teeming with strange machines and obstacles, discovering tools and challenges based on electricity and magnetism mechanics. The game is developed using the Unity engine, which is likely the reason a.. Read More